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First Name Last Name First Name Status Company Title Company Title Status Email Provider
Ignacio (Iggy) Perez-Zoppi Pending validation Escala 24x7, Inc. Pending validation N/A
Ryan J. Golagani Pending validation ETG Global Services Co. Pending validation N/A
🔥 Steven Broudy Pending validation Peopleware Systems, LLC Pending validation N/A
Richard ”Keith” Wagner Pending validation SafeAeon AG Pending validation N/A
JEFF WILSON Pending validation Triniti Corporation Pending validation N/A
brenda wylie kay Pending validation Precisely | Trust in Data Pending validation N/A
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First Names
There are more than 32 typical issues with Personal Names (starting from UPPER/lower case issues, and till very extraordinary cases
Company Title
Legal entity extensions and up to 45 different typical issues
Cyrillic names
Extra feature for xUSSR market Sales and Recruiting teams - Latin to Cyrillic names conversion.
13% First_Names on LinkedIn have formatting issues
— LinkedIn Analytics by MailRanky.ai team based on 20 ml profile Names
could be improved
Typical issues with FIRST_NAME attribute
  • UPPER/lower cased names
  • Prefixes (Mr., Dr., etc)
  • Emoji
  • 2-3 words long
  • Last Name instead of First Names
  • + 32 different scenarios
First_Name - more examples
Just a simple that which you've seen dozens of times
Free plan
You can validate up to unlimited number of contacts/files and Company titles with MailRanky.ai by (the only limit is 1000 records per file)
45% First_Names on LinkedIn have formatting issues
— LinkedIn Analytics by MailRanky.ai team based on 20 ml profile Names
Company Titles
could be improved
Typical issues with COMPANY_NAME attribute
  • Legal entity extensions (Inc, LLC, etc)
  • "Buzzwords" (Solutions, etc)
  • + 45 different scenarios
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