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Release Notes August 2021
MailRanky.ai team is happy to share the August 2021 updates! We announce number of functionality updates, as well as sharing the insights we've got over the last couple of months.
Hey guys!
This is Max and I want to share our August 2021 Product updates.
1. Out of Beta - Registration is open for everyone (Free plan is enabled by default);
2. We've got shiny-new Name Dictionary 2.0 (used 3ml+ unique First names to train our AI);
3. Clean Company names vs. Trimmed names (now two separate columns);
4. Background file processing and Email notifications;
5. And one more thing - AI-generated voice for our Video Demo (check where nowadays text-to-speech is).

Let's go!

Max Kavunov

Out of Beta
With the new version, we are now officially are out of beta!
IMPORTANT: All the early adopters are to continue using MailRanky.AI for Free until the end of 2021.

The all-new Name Dictionary 2.0
MailRanky.AI team has been working hard to deliver the best-in-class name validation service. Our brand-new Name dictionary is trained on the Global Name dataset which contains more than 3 million unique names from all over the globe.

Moreover, the new Neural network checks against more than 100,000 names that are popular on LinkedIn.

Check the screenshot below: even a perfectly validated list contains up to 5% of mistakes in First_Name attribute - this is potential churn or unsubscribe.
What to do with SKIPPED names
How do we recommend fixing those issues:
1. Upload your CSV file with contact at app.mailranky.com
2. Download the file and open it with Excel or Google Sheets
3. Apply filters (check the picture below to see how)
4. Review and analyse Corrected, Corrected_Validated and Skipped statuses.
5. If you can't decide whether Names with Skipped status are valid or not - you may simply delete them from contact list)

Clean company name vs. Trimmed Company name

We were happy to get valuable feedback from our users, and here are the results.
Now MR Company names tuning process is split into two steps:

Step 1: Trimming logic - we trim the majority of staff you do not want to include in your Emails.
Step 2: Cleaning logic - we create an even shorter Clean Company name.

We will continue working on the algorithms. - feel free to continue sharing feedback via live chat.

Background processing and email notifications
File processing takes quite some time (from 1 to 5 minutes).
We don't want you to wait and shifted processing to the background. Simply upload your file - we will email you a notification once the file is ready!
The email will notify you once the file is ready for download. Please anticipate 5-10 minutes for a file while using free accounts.

AI-generated voice for our Video Demo
I'm excited to share our findings from the area of artificial voice. We tried a number of AI-based text2speech services and were surprised about the quality of voice.

The industry is making great steps - listen! What do you think?
MailRanky.ai Demo Video
AI-voice by Tristan
What do you think? :-)

Thank you guys! And have a great day!
August, 11 / 2021